Vietnam War Vet

“So how do you stand living with the gun club in your back yard, don’t you hear shots going off at all hours of the day and night?” “Yea, but I don’t mind. Hell that makes me feel like I’m back in Vietnam in my glory days! Except then at night I’m sleeping with a Vietnamese hooker and I’m the one shooting! Hahaha.”

Anti Gravity Mobile

Sketch (and I stress sketch) is by me but I believe the theory is sound. The northern magnet will move slightly to start motion in that direction and speed. It could be regulated by the proximity and power supplied to the southern magnet. Another electro magnet can be secured at the base and top opposite to change altitude when on planets with strong electromagnetic fields(like Earth). I’m sure this needs some tweaking.

The Stupid Circle

People are stupid, people are smart, history is complex but so is a fart. They are both made of a shit show that all ended up in the same place that just faded over time like a fart in the wind. Not with any bias(ok maybe a little) but people hold onto that in the present and repeat and multiply their racist views, bad past experiences, nostalgic and historical places and expect shit and the future to change for the better. It’s almost maniacal. I’m sorry did I oppress you? Me personally? Did I enslave you? Are you my slave? Then stop your whining. Did I dump your tea in the ocean? Did I drop a hydrogen bomb on your hometown? Then shut the hell up. People have biased views in a vague perspective based on what skin color you are, what job you have, the car you drive, and what’s dangling between you legs. You just need to do you and let your future play out as if it was just that. Your future. Not your great grandpa’s past or what somebody did to him or called him. Not the job you feel disrespected because somebody better qualified than you got it instead. Don’t start a new cause for others to join you in. Be the cause others become better people from. Lead them, and the willing will follow. All the haters will just do that and others will relish in that. But they will never lead, they will never change anything for the better and will probably have lots of stress wrinkles. Way I see it, we’re all apparently related on some genetic level(being human and all) and eventually whether it take hundreds or a thousand years we’ll all the the same color outside eventually. Just like we are inside. So do us all a favor, and just fuckin smile and wave. Trust me, it pisses them off more.

Hell and Black

     He screamed out in excriciating pain as the force of gravity and debris tore through his muscle tissue. I reached for the power source emergency shutdown while trying to desperately hold on to my friend listening to him yell in pain from the pulling power of the nearby black hole. I reached the cutoff switch, but it was too strong. The singularity was feeding intensely on the materials surrounding it. Metal, concrete, wires, and now flesh. The pull was so strong that it literally began to tear skin away from the base of Herbs feet as I looked on in disbelief. Then one of those terrible could possibly kill myself too type ideas popped into my head. What about a magnetic field? Just maybe somehow I could contain the miniscule world threatening black hole and stop it altogether from growing. My field generator……I had brought it with me to test out after changing its design in his Herb’s lab but this was a good a time as any I guess. I gave Herb a rachet strap I secured around a cable anchor for the Hadron Collider to keep him from falling in further. The singularity was busy destroying the surrounding building enough so it dampened the graviational field and Herb was able to get further away. Still not out of this pickle yet, I powered up my magnetic field generator to full blast not knowing if it’d kill me I positioned it paralell to a superconductor magnet opposite the black hole still attached to the collider on the other side. Right away I noticed the strength and furious pull of the death vacuum was subsiding to nothing more than a slight vibration. Herb was still alive and somehow still excited at our discovery. We had to act quickly though, our discovery and accidental completion of a sustainable black hole was at risk if we were to just leave it here. So, using some special magnets laying around the collider, some direction from my scientific friend, and some personal ingenuity. I was able to create a magnetic field containment system putting magnets and singularity within a thick attached copper cylinder. Seemed stable enough, except when I handed it to Herb so I could take my gloves off. It became electric in nature, vibrating and glowing with energy. He handed it back to me, as he did the copper ground wire dug into the open wound in his arm. AHHHHH! He screamed and froze with pain! But just as soon as he jolted with pain he just as fast stopped and began to smile with a huge shitfaced grin. I was completely confused. I quickly began to understand as Herb Black stood up almost with a hop and said to me, “this feels fucking awesome!”. He seemed completely healed, even better in fact. I think it even cleared up his asthma ha! To get the device out of his hand we had to cut the copper wire that was sticking out of his arm still, the wound seemed to heal around it. Didn’t bother him at all so we took it with a grain of salt and figured things could’ve been worst. Threw the device in a secure case and got the hell out of there….

Journal Entry:
January 4, 2019

So I’m not really sure where to start, but trust me when I say, it’s not your average pic-a-nic basket ok BooBoo? I suppose I should give you some background about myself so your not TOTALLY lost in my very complex predicament.
My name is Heller Given Wells, I know it’s not a typical name you’d hear in everyday society but then again what is?
I mean just look Kanye Wests kids. I mean I’m not bashing his choices but lets just say I wouldn’t want to be called North West
my whole life every time someone looks in my direction. Ba-dump cha!
So my parents where big english literature fans and already had the last name of one of their most favorite authors(H.G. Wells)
if you didn’t guess already. The rest was a poor attempt I think at making me sound more badass because they’ve been nerds
their entire life because if you had a choice you probably wouldn’t want to be called Herbert but maybe that’s me.
I am by no means a writer either but because of my prolific exposure to Star Trek marathons and trips to Comic Con as a young
boy maybe just maybe that had some fault in me becoming a “nerd” anyway. I’m not sure why some detest the term. I’ve come to
rather enjoy it actually as if a compliment if ever called one. Besides, I also smoke weed on a pretty regular basis so I guess it’s better
than being called a pothead if you wanted to split hairs. I am what you would say now a self-taught scientist by trial and error.
By that mean I was more than intrigued by the sci-fi culture I was surrounded by growing up and it stuck, it definitely stuck.
So when I was 14 I build my own homemade centrifuge and put a couple strong magnets covered with copper mesh inside
and ran it full speed to try to create a small magnetic field in my basement. Well I guess it did what I wanted it to too good but
I had nothing circulating the magnetic force and the magnets flew out the sides like bullets and one pretty much destroyed
our water heater. I guess you could say that was my first big lesson in trial and error, but that only made me more curious.
Needless to say my father was more than pissed off about the water heater but also at the same time proud and dare I say impressed?
I’m not sure if it was the centrifuge I built out of a lawnmower engine and a metal strainer or the experiment itself. Either way, this
was only the beginning, and definitely not the end. From there on in I was completely gung ho, and my parents too were proud
encouraging. My dad saying with a smile one of my favorite lines from Tropic Thunder “Put ’em into the real shit” with his Nick Nolte
voice the day they dropped me off at an ambitious local science camp for the summer. Didn’t get all the insight in the world at that place
but it definitely gave me some new ideas, as well as better safety tips. I did make a friend there though, probably my best and only friend
named Black, Herb black. I couldn’t help but laugh in his face when we exchanged names the first time. I explained why so he didn’t
punch me in the face like he looked like he was going to. How I almost ended up with that name myself but still got hit with H.G. anyway.
We both laughed it off and I offered him a toke or two of my pipe when he whipped out a blunt. We laughed again in unison, “turns out
we’re two buds on the same tree” I joked. Yes, my humor is corny but amusing none the less. It was on from here, Herb and I were bound
to do great things.

No More Journal

I’ve decided to forego the whole journal thing. That jawn is cliche and played out. From now on, its information guerrilla style. Ok, so remember that device I dramatically told you about before? Well we didn’t take it to my garage workshop that would be cliche too. So we’re in my basement workshop trying to figure out how this happened and what it does exactly. “Turns out Mr. Black you’ve created a tiny Black Hole!” He grimaced at my bad joke. “No shit, and you’ve managed to hold my tiny Black Hole with your ghetto ass magnetic field Mr. Wells”. “Well let’s work on that” I said. So with my vast knowledge of what works and what doesn’t in the magnetic department and his scientific 10 cents and design input we made a new more compact device somewhat like a gauntlet with some ports for testing and reading instruments. We don’t know a ton about the nature of the  inside of a black hole because no one has ever been in one before or could survive that process. From what we know already about a black hole is that they eat everything from their gravitational pull. Planets, stars, even light hence the black part of its name. Also, at the same time they expel light and extreme radiation from the high energy material surrounding it as it enters the singularity. Now with the magnetic field holding everything inside the device this is recycled over and over building up more and more energy so we needed to create a power regulator for the difference in build-up and release of energy on a constant basis. After weeks of research on an almost obsessive nature and some more stupid decisions, we’ve made progress. Black discovered he can channel the energy output through his arm wire and through his arm using his body as a sort of ground. “Why not? I did it before and it didn’t kill me and that was with your ghetto field”, was his scientific reasoning. After blowing some holes in the basement wall and pushing over a car we figured it was time to try more. What’s more, we found that placing certain elements in the energy output ports can amplify it’s quantum properties by a lot. The one day at minimal power with quartz crystal I was able to open an external black hole or “wormhole” I called it to the past ten minutes prior. I knew this because I could see myself looking back and thinking “holy shit” then instantly remembering it. We didn’t want to go down that rabbit hole too much because of all the Back to the Future and Butterfly effect type crap that could potentially happen. And so it begins…..