You think you got it bad…

You think you know oppression? You think you know what it’s like being squeezed like your world is crushing you suffocating? Constantly worried you might die tomorrow or not even wake up at all? Pissed off bc everyone else around you that’s not like you has it better and not afflicted with these feelings on an every day basis even while you sleep since the day you were born? Do you carry it with you everywhere 24/7 as a curse but to also keep you alive? No, you don’t, you don’t have asthma. That’s right your lucky. You thought it was a skin color or social class or country of origin I was talking about. Your lucky you have a way to show your feelings and rage and take them out on people you think are the cause of it. The reason you are treated differently or have a stereotype. You can start a cause to have morons follow you bc they’re just as blinded as you are that others here are the cause of your failures and pain. I do not. I have nothing to see touch or blame for mine even when it’s worst simply bc if the weather outside. I have silence, and myself in my head. All I can do is try a lil harder to take care of myself and others like me and pray that one day you do the same for yours. Bc I’m not you and I don’t know your problems. But I do know I would gladly trade my shitty lungs any day for a life of good lungs even if they came with a bad name, or a stereotype. So next time you wanna pull whatever bs card you have right now to get your way just remember. It could be worst, you could have a torture chamber in your chest. Smile bitches 😁

Solidarity of Mind

You believe you are one and even seem alone

Things aren’t at all what they look like even stone

They are all part of a trillion pieces

That work together in an order like fire that freezes

Just imagine yourself as a germ in your body

With all the other germs what you do is your hobby

You know what you know and you do what you do

And everything you know about your world is true

There’s more than that though things bigger and tiny

Like particles and organs your universe is whining

Changing and expanding to suit your life’s need

Until the human on the outside boosts their immunity

Then bombarded with white cells your world is at risk

Then without even a warning you cease to exist

Now just imagine that happened but you were you at your size

It makes fighting with each other seem fruitless and unwise

When the universe beyond us is much more chaotic and brutal

When we work as one people any attack would be feutal

So consider this next time you feel hateful toward another

That this world is a great world and be grateful for your brother

How I Feel About F- rap (fake rap)

Shit these days isn’t even about rap, most so called hip-hop come out soundin like crap

So that’s what I call it, cuz that’s how I see it, I’m so disgusted by new gen kids that wanna be it

New “rappers” come in and everything’s mumblin, or just slap in two words and “unh unh” in a beat that’s barely stumblin. Just tryin to survive, but can barely stay alive. And thank God they got YouTube and a wack look makin Skittles demand supply.

They should call it new “C” rap cuz only sounds like crap, I can’t believe y’all ain’t sick of this shit yet, so please just take it back.

Take it back, to the 90s when every word was strapped

Take it back, to the day Dr. Dre skills was on tap

Take it back, so music still involves ill skill

Take it back, like this jawn that you’re destined to feel.

I get heartbroken and pissed off at the same time, when I realize everyone is ok now when nobody new can rhyme. “And you think I’m crazy now” is what I tell my friends, when wonderin why I’m still listening to good music back when good music was the trend.

I’m not sure exactly when this all started or when it’s bout to end, I just know the next “artist” that drops an album better step up his words and bend, right over backwards to block my attack words and set this problem right.

I might not be the next world famous rapper but I sure ain’t a crapper for sure, and I hope this gets through to some of y’all fake ass posers cuz my words BEEN ready for war…

Sahd War Zone

Even as I grow older my mind grows even more alert and continuously adapting my problem solving skills to conquer any situation. From the moment I wake, even as I move through the mine field of action figures, legos, magic tracks and RC cars, I must pay heed to the corner if my eye. As the larger one sneaks from my left flank with a light saber, the smaller one comes head on and low trying to distract me from the ambush from behind with his giant rubber T-rex and a barrage of kung fu chop “hi-yas” as I make my way to the bathroom in a way I can only describe as a scramble to the TD zone in football. As I open the door to exit, the hallway is filled with Nerf gun crossfire……I think to myself “it’s going to be a good day” as I reach for my 24 dart clip pump action Nerf shotgun…

Life is Ass Backwards

How is it I can buy a grave plot for around $1,000 one time and stay there for all eternity but I have to pay over $1,000 every month to live somewhere that makes me want to die? Does this mean I can dig a big hole somewhere and pay somebody $1,000 and live there forever? Just something to consider.

You’ll Never Know

You might think this is retarded as you’re reading but not in the retarded way like mentally disabled because I don’t make fun of those people and then you hear those people and you think “what do you mean those people?” like it’s a racial thing or something like that. And yes, some may have the opinion that this is retarded but just remember you’re the retard that’s reading this so who’s more retarded me or you? Just kidding you’re probably a very nice person. Actually, I don’t know that you could be really weird and crazy like that guy Hannibal from Silence of the Lambs but probably not. Maybe though.

Deer Oh Dear

Deer oh dear. You might find it disturbing as you drive along the roads and see the dead deer lying on the side and think oh that poor dear that poor thing he was hit by a car and left for dead. I have an underlying theory of the deer, the over-populated deer that’s around our area and constantly lay to the side of the road with their dead carcasses. I think the deer really have hidden society where there’s deer people, dear scientists, dear scholars and even a whole deer political system in which if you wrong their society or disrupt their system you will be judged. How they judge you is you will be sent out into the road amongst the cars at night as a test of faith and if you don’t get hit you get to come back and if you do get hit you go straight to the Roadside Cafe. The End.