How I Feel About F- rap (fake rap)

Shit these days isn’t even about rap, most so called hip-hop come out soundin like crap

So that’s what I call it, cuz that’s how I see it, I’m so disgusted by new gen kids that wanna be it

New “rappers” come in and everything’s mumblin, or just slap in two words and “unh unh” in a beat that’s barely stumblin. Just tryin to survive, but can barely stay alive. And thank God they got YouTube and a wack look makin Skittles demand supply.

They should call it new “C” rap cuz only sounds like crap, I can’t believe y’all ain’t sick of this shit yet, so please just take it back.

Take it back, to the 90s when every word was strapped

Take it back, to the day Dr. Dre skills was on tap

Take it back, so music still involves ill skill

Take it back, like this jawn that you’re destined to feel.

I get heartbroken and pissed off at the same time, when I realize everyone is ok now when nobody new can rhyme. “And you think I’m crazy now” is what I tell my friends, when wonderin why I’m still listening to good music back when good music was the trend.

I’m not sure exactly when this all started or when it’s bout to end, I just know the next “artist” that drops an album better step up his words and bend, right over backwards to block my attack words and set this problem right.

I might not be the next world famous rapper but I sure ain’t a crapper for sure, and I hope this gets through to some of y’all fake ass posers cuz my words BEEN ready for war…


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