Sahd War Zone

Even as I grow older my mind grows even more alert and continuously adapting my problem solving skills to conquer any situation. From the moment I wake, even as I move through the mine field of action figures, legos, magic tracks and RC cars, I must pay heed to the corner if my eye. As the larger one sneaks from my left flank with a light saber, the smaller one comes head on and low trying to distract me from the ambush from behind with his giant rubber T-rex and a barrage of kung fu chop “hi-yas” as I make my way to the bathroom in a way I can only describe as a scramble to the TD zone in football. As I open the door to exit, the hallway is filled with Nerf gun crossfire……I think to myself “it’s going to be a good day” as I reach for my 24 dart clip pump action Nerf shotgun…


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