The Stupid Circle

People are stupid, people are smart, history is complex but so is a fart. They are both made of a shit show that all ended up in the same place that just faded over time like a fart in the wind. Not with any bias(ok maybe a little) but people hold onto that in the present and repeat and multiply their racist views, bad past experiences, nostalgic and historical places and expect shit and the future to change for the better. It’s almost maniacal. I’m sorry did I oppress you? Me personally? Did I enslave you? Are you my slave? Then stop your whining. Did I dump your tea in the ocean? Did I drop a hydrogen bomb on your hometown? Then shut the hell up. People have biased views in a vague perspective based on what skin color you are, what job you have, the car you drive, and what’s dangling between you legs. You just need to do you and let your future play out as if it was just that. Your future. Not your great grandpa’s past or what somebody did to him or called him. Not the job you feel disrespected because somebody better qualified than you got it instead. Don’t start a new cause for others to join you in. Be the cause others become better people from. Lead them, and the willing will follow. All the haters will just do that and others will relish in that. But they will never lead, they will never change anything for the better and will probably have lots of stress wrinkles. Way I see it, we’re all apparently related on some genetic level(being human and all) and eventually whether it take hundreds or a thousand years we’ll all the the same color outside eventually. Just like we are inside. So do us all a favor, and just fuckin smile and wave. Trust me, it pisses them off more.


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