Welcome to My Universe

Hello, I’m Jordan. I’m all over the place with writing both fiction and my real life tales but I’ll try to post new content every 2-3 days if not sooner. Although I’m not a stranger to sci-fi and fiction stories due to my extensive nerdtorious addiction to Star Wars/Trek, DC, Marvel Universe, Goosebumps and of course anime and all related that may have spawned from them. I am an open and ambitious writer and I do hope that you enjoy my series of fictional and sci-fi works as well as real life and issues/theories. All of the writing in this sections are original works by me. Feel free to leave me feedback and any help is always welcome. The Everything’s My Job section is pretty much all real life job biography of myself and my adventures aka non-fiction. I hope it can help you somehow in your endeavors. I apologize for the annoying ads but keep in mind I am a writer so I don’t make a lot. I do this because I enjoy writing so thank you!!!





The names of these businesses have been removed or omitted by me so my ass doesn’t get sued.

Job #1: Water Ice Server

I have to say even though I was about 14 at the time this wasn’t the most ambitious job I had in mind for this age. Nothing special here I don’t have anything bad to say about this establishment work there, manager(male) was very nice and worked with me training and had me running the register and making customers happy in no time. All the other employees were cheerful and nice of course(as all sweet treat employees should be) and they were all female of course. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I myself to be honest was a little surprised I even got the job because you usually don’t see boys working the water ice stands unless you’re in theme park. Of course though after working there about a week and a half the owner of this franchise location came in and saw me there working and mentioned to the manger that told me the next day basically the owner said he had to let me go because I was too slow on the register(bullshit by the way) but in my opinion he was just sexist and only wanted young teenage girls working there and somehow I had slipped under his radar so he gave me the steel toed boot.

Job Life Span: 1.5 weeks

Job #2: Wholesale Book Warehouse WorkerMaybe the best job I’ve ever had in my area for being a teenager that endeavors to screw around and get away with pretty much anything if you’re not a dumbass. It started innocent enough I guess. My mom actually worked there for a time because she’s a bookworm and suggested to her boss that work there to get my foot in the workforce door so to speak. I was a peon for a long while maybe a year or so until I guess I did a good enough job where I was made a shift runner. Basically I told other peons what to do based on what the manager/asst. manager wanted during the day and made sure they all didn’t fuck around the whole day and work was actually done. I not trashing the employees in part because it was the nature of the job. A high turnover rate and cheap owners kind of perpetuated the lot of oddballs and eccentrics hell I’m one of em! Later, I was dubbed “Night Manager” which basically says I had to close the store now as well as count the money and have more admin. access. Really this only made things easier in terms of me fucking around. But long story short one day I quit for good, I thought I could make more money elsewhere at a temp. agency. Which brings me to my next area of expertise.Job Life Span: 6 years on and offJob# 3, 4 ,5 and Probably 7 or Something: Temp. AgenciesI won’t go into massive detail because there are so many, but this is probably a job you should take out of desperation. I know these agencies are just trying to make a buck like everyone else out there and sometimes and I stress sometimes you land a good job you like and eventually you get really lucky and that company buys your contract through the temp. agency and keeps you for good happily ever after…… More often than not though this is an easy way for employers to hire extra help to do their grunt work that doesn’t require much training and help them through their busy spell. Then afterwards they tell the agency they don’t need your help anymore and now you have no job again until the agency or agencies you work through finds you more mindless peon work to do for an undisclosed amount of money and time that you’ll never know until it lands in your lap. My advice, stay away from these sort of places. All they do is save the employing company paperwork and employee screening costs and interviews in exchange for taking a few dollars of your hourly(yes every hour) wage you make until your contract is bought by said company or they simply dump you.Job Life Span: Various and Unknown